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Delaware Nurse Practitioner Certification

In the state of Delaware, NPs are known as APNs and are regulated by the State of Delaware Division of Professional Regulation—Board of Nursing. Delaware NPs evaluate, assess and diagnose patients, order diagnostic tests, record findings, set up management plans for illness and disease, recommend medication, and provide patients with information and advice about disease prevention and health management.

To be certified as an APN in Delaware, you must be licensed as an RN either from Delaware or from one of the other compact states. You will need to successfully complete a master’s degree program or earn a "post-basic program certificate" in a clinical nursing specialty. You must also obtain nursing certification from a national certification agency that is recognized by the Board of Nursing, if the NP certification is available in your area of specialty.


Whether you study to receive a master’s degree or a post-basic program certificate, your program will prepare you to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients, including those with chronic diseases. You will learn how to administer preventative care and advise patients regarding health issues. Studies will include classroom-style education as well as practical clinical experience. You may either attend a recognized campus-based school or complete your program online. Many RNs choose to study online as it allows them the flexibility needed to continue working and handle other responsibilities. Online-based programs offer clinical hours, usually at locations that are convenient to students.

A specific number of required practice hours must be completed in your field of specialty. The exact number of hours depends on whether national certification is available in your specialty. If national certification is available, you must have either accumulated 1500 practice hours over the past 5 years or 600 practice hours over the past 2 years; alternately, you must graduate from a specialty program within the past 2 years. All of practice hours must be in your area of specialty. If national certification is not available for your specialization, you must either have accumulated 1000 practice hours over the past 2 years or at least 100 hours of supervised practice. In order to practice as an APN in Delaware, you must have a collaborative agreement with a physician to oversee your work.

Delaware APNs earn an average of $79,000 annually. Salaries can vary significantly based on experience, location, and specialty.

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Last Updated: 05/19/2014