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Georgia Nurse Practitioner Certification

Georgia NPs are called APRNs. Nurses in Georgia, including APRNs, are regulated by the Georgia Board of Nursing. In order to become licensed as an APNP in Georgia, you must be a licensed RN and have graduated from an advanced degree program in the nursing specialty you wish to practice. At a minimum, you must earn a master’s degree.

RNs who want to pursue a career as an APRN may attend programs at schools such as: Georgia State University, Georgia Southern University, Georgia College and State University, Emory University, Brenau University, and Valdosta State University. Some of these schools as well as other Georgia-approved programs offer the opportunity to complete studies online. An internet-based nursing program provides nurses with the time flexibility needed to continue to work and handle other responsibilities, while furthering their education.


An APRN program usually takes between 18 and 24 months to complete. Georgia’s NP certifications can be selected from various areas including: clinical nursing, acute care, adult care, gerontological care, family care, pediatric care, emergency NP, and both adult and child psychiatric or mental health care.

Advanced studies to become a Georgia NP will include learning skills such as preparing to assess and diagnose patients, setting up a plan to manage the illness or disease, and advising patients on disease and illness prevention. You will learn how to practice these skills in various types of settings and medical facilities as well as in both rural and urban areas. You will need to accrue approximately 600 hours of clinical practice to meet most advanced practitioner requirements. If you study online, your Internet school will arrange a clinical site in your local area at which you can perform your internship.

Once you have earned your master’s degree, you must then complete a national certification, through an approved certification board, in your field of specialty. The ANCC is a national agency that offers Georgia-approved exams and certification in all the Georgia NP specialties.  

In Georgia, APRNs earn about $79,000 per year. Salary rates vary based on experience, area of specialty, and location. Nurse practitioners who work in anesthesia or emergency medicine earn much more.

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Last Updated: 05/19/2014