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Michigan Nurse Practitioner Certification

In the state of Michigan, an NP is considered a type of specialty nurse. Specialty nurses include nurse anesthetists, nurse–midwives, NPs, and CNS. Michigan NPs may diagnose and treat patients. They may establish and execute management plans for acute or chronic disease or illness as well as educate patients on how to prevent disease and illness and promote good health. They may specialize in areas of adult care, family care, acute care, adult or family psychiatric and mental health, gerontological care, pediatric care, and advanced diabetes management.

In order to become a nurse practitioner in Michigan, you must hold a current license to practice as an RN in Michigan. You must then complete a formal advanced education program in nursing and earn at least a master’s degree in an area of specialization. Some schools in Michigan that offer these programs include: Oakland University, Northern Michigan University, Madonna University College, Saginaw Valley State University of Nursing, University of Detroit, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University.


You may also elect to graduate from a distance-learning program and earn your degree online. Approved online programs are equivalent to campus-based programs. For the required clinical component, distance-learning faculty arrange clinical sites in areas convenient to students. An online education offers students the flexibility needed to continue to work and fulfill other personal obligations. Some Board-approved online schools include: Graceland University, Philadelphia University, Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing, Liberty University, South University, and University of Cincinnati.

Following the completion of an NP advanced program, you will be eligible to take an exam with one of the national certifying bodies for NPs. The following bodies are recognized by the Michigan Board of Nursing: the NCC, ONCC, PNCB, and AANP. You will need to successfully pass an exam in your area of specialty and receive certification from the associated agency.

Michigan NPs are required to renew their licenses every 2 years. In order to do this, they must provide proof of continuing education.

On average, NPs in Michigan earn $83,000 per year. Salary rates vary based on area of specialty, location, type of practice, education, and experience.

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Last Updated: 05/19/2014